Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A measure of heart

I've come to realise that we are all given a certain measure of heart. Once poured out, can never be refilled... not up to its full measure, at least not over a short period of time. I've seen this happen to so many. But why, I wonder? Surely man was with more than just a little elasticity. Surely as man was made versatile, man's heart would've been made so too?

The answer I believe is that man cannot heal on his own, simply because man did not make himself. He needs to go back to his maker to be made whole again... for the cracks to be filled and a new coat of paint applied. Man needs to arrive at a place were man seeks restoration from the one who began it all.

There is but no other way for man to be made whole again, to restore his measure of heart.

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