Sunday, December 30, 2007

Goodbye 2007...

Christmas in Barcelona was great and I highly recommend celebrating birthdays on holiday. ;)

CY was down in London over the weekend and after Barcelona, it was nice winding down with an old friend. We caught up with each other and with a couple of other old friends, did some girlie shopping (Winter Sale's ON!!!), watched a funny version of The Nutcracker and a ridiculous Brit sitcom called Little Britain and basically just chilled out. It helped somewhat with the feeling of homesickness as the year ends and a new year begins. It's been an eventful, challenging and blessed year and I look forward to all the exciting and new things I am certain will be part of 2008. Bring it on baby... woohoo!!

Here're some photos from the trip.... more on Facebook. :)

Climbing up Montserrat is t i r i n g!

Birthday dinner! (L - R: Paul, Sam, Jules, Vicky)

Christmas in Barcelona

Dinner with Elena

Monday, November 26, 2007

Swan Lake

Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake performed by the St Petersburg Ballet Theatre with Irina Kolesnikova as Odette (her feet have an amazing arch!) was absolutely, absolutely amazing :))). Such a beautiful ballet.

There's going to be another version performed by the English National Ballet next summer... see here.

Now I wanna watch The Nutcraker Suite too!

Ps. I wouldn't recommend arena seats in the Royal Albert Hall.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

An old hymn came to mind today...

On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand...

Missing home

I am missing home!

O well, at least there's Swan Lake to look forward to tommorrow night... that's one thing to strike off my list. Yay! And then I'll finally be moving to my new place and soon after there's Barcelona! Woohoo!

Although in the midst of all that, there's an essay to be completed, err, 2 essays actually... One can't have everything. :P

Monday, November 5, 2007

Yummy Thai lunch off Oxford St

Had a lovely lunch yesterday... with Ju Li, Harry and several of their friends from home.

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Today is the day I hunker down and get through the reading (all? I dare not say) that I'm supposed to do in light that it's already Week 5 of the term. :P

On a lighter note, I discovered a cute lil shop in Covent Garden selling cute tees and knick-knacks that girls will love.... it'a called David & Goliath. Here's something I bought myself since Christmas is round the corner ... ;) Check out!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pride and Prejudice

The BBC series is beautifully made... can't believe that I've only just discovered it! It's so so good... it but gives me hope! :)

Weekend last with the Seets in Woking

Guy Fawkes

Tonight, London's skies are alight with displays of fireworks... all going off almost simultaneously! There're 3 or 4 flashes in different areas at any one moment in time.. lovely!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

... and God will

I've been inspired to do my QT regularly again... don't know why I've resisted it for so long.

On a different note, it's been ages and ages!! Here's what I've been up to in reverse chronology.. or as I remember it ;)

Last weekend:
T'was Rugby Finals weekend!!

CY was down from Boston and it was great catching up with her, YY and W. We ate SO much over the weekend... tim sum on Sat and Jap on Sunday. CL's farewell was on Sat evening and it was lovely meeting up again after such a long time. It seems like we've all not changed very much since uni... apprearance-wise that is. Visited Hillsongs with CY on Sunday and realised that it's really not for me. hehe. :P

Stuff which happened over the week:
First seminars were fun (never thought I'd say this!). Took the bus the wrong direction and ended up being 30mins late for lecture. My coursemate asked me if I had overslept! :P I actually left the house an hour before class... sigh. Haha. Finally found a place JL and I like! It's round the corner from Canada Water station. Can't wait to move in!

Went for CU on campus mid-week... and it was full of undergrads... :P Don't get me wrong, they're great to be with but man, they make me feel so old!

The weekend before:
Hari Raya weekend! Went with JL for the Open House hosted by the Msian Embassy.... great food! I especially liked the peanut sauce they served (no satay though.. :P). Met some of the other scholars there. I had 2 rounds of food... hahah, just wait, I'm going to pile on the kgs.

Hmmm... can't remember much of what went on before but I'll be going to the London Dungeons tommorrow... can't wait! Esp since it's Halloween this weekend and I think they've made a special effort to jazz up the rides. Hehehe. Will be spending the weekend with HC and family... yaaay!

So far, the course has been really interesting although there's a tonne of reading to do. No complaints though. God has been good. :) Missing all my loved ones at home... mwah! xxx

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Stuff I wanna do...

Since it's only going to be a 12-month stint.. I haaave to:

1) Watch a footie match - live!
2) Go to Alton Towers
3) Visit Ronnie Scotts
4) Watch a ballet - Done! Swan Lake was amazing! Now I wanna see The Nutcracker Suite!
5) Watch a number of musicals - Done!
6) Attend some pop concerts - Done!
7) Do the museum thang - WIP
8) Visit Spain and Prague
9) Go on the London Eye (in summer)
10) Go to Legoland!

I'm sure the list will grow ;)

Sights over the past few days

My first homemade sandwich! The first of many.. haha

Crazy amount of ppl at Liverpool St after work
The Old Curiosity Shop (immortalised by Charles Dickens) is just round the corner from LSE! It's been there for more than 400 years.
View of Canary Wharf from Surrey Quays
Kids sailing on the quay
Paper Tower Bridge - games during the International Students welcome session at All Souls

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Counting the days...

3 weeks to my break from work and 5 weeks to go before I hop on a plane to London!!! Yippee!!! Will miss home and everyone here tho :P hehe.