Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sights over the past few days

My first homemade sandwich! The first of many.. haha

Crazy amount of ppl at Liverpool St after work
The Old Curiosity Shop (immortalised by Charles Dickens) is just round the corner from LSE! It's been there for more than 400 years.
View of Canary Wharf from Surrey Quays
Kids sailing on the quay
Paper Tower Bridge - games during the International Students welcome session at All Souls


Lora said...

Hey Cheryl,
You are in london now. It's not difficult for you to settle in I think. Now you are all the way by yourself. Do you feel lonely?

Luckily, you have SY and KT there. I guess it helps a bit.

pumpkin said...

Hi Lora! ;)

I love it here! Not feeling homesick yet since like u said SY and many others are around.

Do you know where KT is? We've been trying to contact her...

Lora said...

I lost contact with KT for a long time. I think the person who can reach her is ST.

Anonymous said...

hi ya!

wonderufl picture s- brings back such lovely memories! :)

keep posting ok?

and have a blast!

;) p a t t

ps: if you meet a melissa lim - say hi for me - she's my bf's sister :)

Anonymous said...

Houses lasting more than 400 years! Thats incredible work done by the contractors!

Here houses dun reach 40 years and most are tearing apart.