Tuesday, October 23, 2007

... and God will

I've been inspired to do my QT regularly again... don't know why I've resisted it for so long.

On a different note, it's been ages and ages!! Here's what I've been up to in reverse chronology.. or as I remember it ;)

Last weekend:
T'was Rugby Finals weekend!!

CY was down from Boston and it was great catching up with her, YY and W. We ate SO much over the weekend... tim sum on Sat and Jap on Sunday. CL's farewell was on Sat evening and it was lovely meeting up again after such a long time. It seems like we've all not changed very much since uni... apprearance-wise that is. Visited Hillsongs with CY on Sunday and realised that it's really not for me. hehe. :P

Stuff which happened over the week:
First seminars were fun (never thought I'd say this!). Took the bus the wrong direction and ended up being 30mins late for lecture. My coursemate asked me if I had overslept! :P I actually left the house an hour before class... sigh. Haha. Finally found a place JL and I like! It's round the corner from Canada Water station. Can't wait to move in!

Went for CU on campus mid-week... and it was full of undergrads... :P Don't get me wrong, they're great to be with but man, they make me feel so old!

The weekend before:
Hari Raya weekend! Went with JL for the Open House hosted by the Msian Embassy.... great food! I especially liked the peanut sauce they served (no satay though.. :P). Met some of the other scholars there. I had 2 rounds of food... hahah, just wait, I'm going to pile on the kgs.

Hmmm... can't remember much of what went on before but I'll be going to the London Dungeons tommorrow... can't wait! Esp since it's Halloween this weekend and I think they've made a special effort to jazz up the rides. Hehehe. Will be spending the weekend with HC and family... yaaay!

So far, the course has been really interesting although there's a tonne of reading to do. No complaints though. God has been good. :) Missing all my loved ones at home... mwah! xxx

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